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Text for a website to describe your business

Website texts are an essential part of creating online content. This section includes information about your company, services, products, or any other important information you want to provide to visitors. This is an important step in the website development process, as the way you present information can have a big impact on your visitors' experience and the effectiveness of your website. By describing these texts, you can indicate what you want to convey to visitors about your company or services and what the content should reflect in order to attract your target audience.

Tekstas svetainei

Text for the site, where to start?

Navigation link texts: The navigation menu contains the "Map" of your site. Specify what pages and titles will be used for different parts of the site. For example:

1. The beginning
2. Services
  2.1 Digital Advertising
  2.2 Traditional advertising
3. Products
  3.1 Product category
     3.1.1 Product subcategory
  3.2 Product category
4. News
5. About us
6. Contacts

These may be the names of some navigation points. These should be clear, easy to understand and facilitate the use of the website.

Page content: The desired information that you intend to present on the website pages must be carefully thought out. This may include a presentation about the company, its activities, products or services, customer reviews, articles, news and other relevant information that reflects your business.

The text for the website starts from the "About Us" page

The "About Us" page is an important element of your website where you need to present your business, goals, values and key facts. To describe this page professionally, it is recommended to serve:

1. Company description: Start the "About Us" page by introducing your company, where you describe your field of activity, characteristics or uniqueness. 5-10 sentences.

2. Goals, mission and vision: Describe the vision of your company, which is the main goal that the company is striving for (it can also look like a failure). Example:

   Vision: Become the best basketball player in Lithuania.
   Mission: Lose weight.
   Purpose: Eat healthy and exercise.

It turns out that if I do sports and eat healthy, I will be able to lose weight and in the future, this will help me become the best basketball player in Lithuania.

3. Value for customers: Share how the business delivers value to customers and differentiates itself from the competition. Mention how you help customers solve their problems, offer innovative solutions or ensure quality products and services. in 3-6 sentences.

4. Values offered by the site: Secure payment, fast shipping, personal accounts, refunds, etc.

5. Company motto and the meaning of the motto. 1 sentence.

6. Team – photo, name, position.
7. Awards, diplomas, etc.
8. Customer reviews.
It is important that the "About Us" page is clear, specific and shows how you stand out from your competitors.

Contact page

  1. Company contacts: It's important to provide clear contact information that makes it easy for visitors to contact you. Include physical address, phone number, email postal address and, if necessary, other important information, such as working hours, details or other contact methods.

  2. Social media links: If you have social media accounts that you would like to include on your website, it is important to link to those accounts. These can be links to the company profile on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or other websites where you are active. This helps encourage visitors to follow you and stay connected with you on social media.

Service page

Option 1:

  1. Name of the service: It is important that each service is clear, concise and understandable. You may use terms that accurately describe the services you provide. We recommend 1-3 words.
  2. Short description: Describe each service briefly and in detail. Explain how this service benefits the customer, what its benefits are, and how it can help the customer. 3-5 sentences.

Option 2: 

  1. List of services: Provide a list of services provided, perhaps in tabular form with specification, price or other important parameters that may be required by the client.

Remember that the services page is one of the main places where customers can familiarize themselves with the services provided by your company, so it is important to present it clearly and informatively.

Service categories

More detailed description: When providing more detailed information about each service, highlight its most important features, benefits, and how it can help the customer solve their problems or needs. It is recommended to create a separate page for each service, if you can describe one service in at least 300 words.

Product page and categories

Describe each product accurately by providing, product name, full product description, short product description, price, variations (color, length, price change), additional information and what product category the product belongs to.

Product categories describe clearly and comprehensibly so that customers can quickly and conveniently find the goods.

Tekstas svetainei

Additional information and requirements

Home page: A page that should briefly describe the entire site, it is made up of information from all the other pages with a brief description of each and buttons are added that lead to the pages themselves to find out more information.

News page: Most of the time, articles about your business are hosted, which can help your existing customers or can bring new customers from Google search to your website.

Legal compliance: Legal compliance is a critical aspect of website operations. We ensure that the website complies with the relevant laws and regulations. We always prepare a privacy policy, cookies, terms of use, shipping and returns and terms of sale (if applicable). Which helps ensure the security and accuracy of visitor data. But every business is different, so if you want to apply different return terms, methods or prices, be sure to describe them.

Text for website, hard to get started?

When creating websites, we can write the text for the website according to your business information and marketing and SEO guidelines. Read more information: LiJIA, WebsiteTypes and differences of websitesWebsite marketing.

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