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Website marketing

Website marketing - is a direct marketing tool that combines endless functions - information dissemination, store functions, window display, direct communication channel, feedback measurement. In addition, the website becomes a kind of image-building tool, as it signals that the company is reliable, genuine and legitimate.

Characteristics of the website:

  • Provides general information about the organization, such as value proposition, products and services, and contact information;
  • Embody the brand's attributes through design, look, personality and voice;
  • Enables customers to share their experience and received value, to provide recommendations;
  • Monitors and collects information about website visitors, which can later be used to offer certain solutions and communicate;
  • Creates communities and encourages members to share information, ask and answer questions;
  • Post value-added content and tools for informational or entertainment purposes to attract people and bring them back to the site;
  • Provides information about the organization itself and the culture, publishes a publication, podcast or publishes a blog;
  • Provides shopping opportunities;
  • Provides opportunities to collect customer feedback about the organization, products, services, content and the website itself;
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Advantages of the website:

  • Announces its existence to the whole world;
  • Generates new customers and their data;
  • Cheapness, compare e. store with physical;
  • Customer service regardless of working hours;
  • Flexibility and ability to change quickly;
  • Cheapness when testing new marketing strategies, new content, observing what the target audience likes and what doesn't;
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Disadvantages of the website:

  • A challenge if there is no experience;
  • Having the necessary infrastructure, which requires certain investments;
  • Personnel who can effectively administer e-mail having a website;
  • Continuous information security assurance;

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