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About us

Every day we try to improve and never stop growing


Tautvydas Zaurynas

I have been interested in digital marketing, multimedia and graphic design for a long time, so I am happy to be able to combine these specialties and thus increase the awareness and sales of your business. I try to be a maximalist in life, so I implement every idea from start to finish. Through my study and work experience, I met graphic designers to digital marketing professionals who taught me how to do my job professionally. I always think that I am young because the digital space is evolving and changing, so it is important not to stop learning and growing together.

Profilio nuotrauka


Which will help you create the multimedia product you want

Bachelor's studies in information technology

Studios where I learned to work with various audio, video, two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphic creation and editing tools. Combine acquired knowledge with artistic and technological solutions.

Sales and marketing master studies

Developed skills and abilities to analyze situations, apply various marketing and sales management tools, solve complex problems, formulate strategies, create value for users and the organization.

Versatile work experience

Work experience in the United Kingdom working in the sales department and as a graphic designer in one of the largest European carpet companies in the Netherlands and as a marketing manager in a logistics company in Lithuania. Also implementation of freelance projects.

Additional courses, memberships, certificates, diplomas

📚 Google Digital marketing certification;
📚 Advanced google analytics certification;
📚 Google analytics for power users certification;
📚 Google ads search certification;
📚 Google tag manager fundamentals certification;
📚 Application of innovations in technologies 2022 certificate;
📌 Member of the Lithuanian Marketing Association (LiMA);
📌 We are also a member of the EU Youth Association;
📌 M360 subscriber;
🎙 Marketing guru;


From great desire to

"Growing idea" creation

Over time, many advertising companies have focused on clicks, but not on customer engagement. They also follow old rules, are afraid to take risks, try new trends, which would allow the business to stand out from its competitors. Therefore, "Growing idea" was born, which offers businesses to grow and develop together and not be afraid to choose drastic, modern and innovative advertisements.

The logo:

Meanings of letters

You and us

G - Let's grow together
I - An idea that we will implement together
J - Helping junior businesses to become visible;

The meaning of animation

We plant an idea - together we grow it until its implementation and enjoy the fruits grown.

Symbol meanings

The dot symbolizes your business, which faces the labyrinth of idea implementation, so we can help you overcome this labyrinth.

Hidden meanings

1) Arrangement of letters: For us (G), you (J) are most important (in the center), and communication and idea implementation (I) are most important for you.
2) Initials of the founder, these are the first letters of the name and surname (T.Z).


We're starting to build now, will you help build it?


Simple, convenient, informative, accurate and fast ordering of digital and traditional advertising and website development services.


Combine graphic design, marketing, multimedia and youth in creating traditional and digital advertisements and websites.


Making a small, medium, young or new business competitive in the market among big business competitors.

The meaning of the slogan "Grow Together".

The main message of the slogan is that your ideas make us improve, and in gratitude we help your business increase sales and awareness. By working together in this way we can grow together and help each other, because the digital world is changing fast, it is necessary to keep growing, the same rule applies in business. And remember, if you don't, your competitors will. Therefore, let us cry together by helping each other.

Our business mascot "PINDIS"

„Pindis“ - a money tree that symbolizes good luck and positive energy and money. People associate this plant with strength, power and wealth. It is believed that the plant can help to achieve success in both personal and professional spheres.

Pindi coins

Slides with additional information


I am happy to be able to contribute to the success of your business with my creativity

Tautvydas Zaurynas

Let's raise together!

How digital and traditional advertising can help your business and what you get when you order services.

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