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We send the files to the e-mail specified by you with all the necessary formats and ready for printing or use.

Why it's worth to pick "Growing idea"?

We always try to create only what we believe in unconditionally, to provide quality services, to create long-term relationships and harmonious cooperation with each other.

Every year, being young, we watch the innovations coming to the world of design. We adapt to the trends, which by combining them with young ideas, we try to extract multimedia products that have not been seen on the Lithuanian market.






No, the activity is carried out on the basis of individual activity.

No, you will not be charged for Jauna iideja services, but if you choose to organize printing, then you will need to pay VAT to the printing company.

  1. Considering that many sole traders find it difficult to compete with large companies, we offer cheaper prices to non-VAT payers, thus encouraging them to advertise their activities and become competitive in the market.
  2. Most of the time, young businesses choose the principle of individual activity at the beginning without becoming VAT payers, thus accumulating experience, getting to know the market, expanding the circle of customers and becoming VAT payers only as they grow, so we offer to enter the market from the very beginning with the help of business analysis, traditional and digital advertising tools and online sites without VAT and save money.
  3. Young people usually have ideal business ideas, but do not have finances or resources for implementation and advertising, so we provide VAT-free services so that young people can take their first steps into the business world and GROW WITH US!

I try to do the work alone, but during my studies and work experience, I have had to gather many like-minded people who also work on the principle of individual activity in the development of advertisements and websites, as well as business analysis, so we always consult each other, give advice, evaluate, help solve the problems that have arisen and try to grow together

  1. Not in the near future, because we all understand business, advertising and design in our own way, and I want the client to buy my services, not the service, but the knowledge and opportunities that I offer him. This allows you to get to know each other better and create a personal connection and for the customer to know what they will buy when they use the services again. 
  2. Another important thing is the freedom to realize your ideas. In the creative process, this is one of the most important things.
  3. I want young, small, growing businesses, non-VAT payers, not to overpay for services and thus encourage businesses to grow, create advertising and increase sales.
  4. Encouragement to GROW AND GROW, as a person, because doing everything ourselves, we never stop learning and improving.

One may wonder why someone buys from Karolina for €2,420 including VAT, when the same service costs €2,000 from Tautvydas?

For those with a VAT code, the prices of Karolina and Tautvydas services are the same, as they will be able to recover the VAT paid. The situation would be different if the buyers were small and did not have a VAT code. Then it would be cheaper and more valuable for customers to choose Tautvydos services.

We always try to make the shopping process easier and faster for the customer, so the online store allows us to form an opinion about the desired purpose of the service from the filled-in data. After receiving the data, it is possible to conduct data searches on the Internet and marketing research, and only if questions arise, contact the customer regarding the performance of the services.

We don't worry about the price being too low, because if the client comes up with a never-before-seen or very creative idea, it's a pleasure to implement such an idea and you don't have to worry about the longer time spent, because we believe that this is how you invest in your development and growth.

Due to the excessive price, if you have a personal project, you can always fill out the form or send a description in PDF, WORD, JPG format. Towe will evaluate the project and provide you with an accurately calculated price for the service. 

Yes, if both parties agree that the service did not meet the set goals, there is a possibility to recover part or all of the money. But we always try to solve problems quickly and efficiently, so we believe that we will find a common language and perform the service as you expected.

  1. Because we believe that you have to create advertising tools or a website, not only for yourself, but also for your customers, so don't forget to take care of your customers.
  2. We encourage you to create content or advertising not for one person, but by involving your colleagues and customers, because only by working together can you achieve the necessary goals.  

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