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3D vaizdo įrašas

3D animation


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There is no uniform price standard for a 3D video project, just as the objects they represent differ. The price of 3D visualization and animation is determined by the following factors:

  • Video duration;
  • Complexity (models, special effects, etc.);
  • Quality (image resolution, sound, etc.);

The animation price includes:

  • 3D visualization of the product;
  • Visualization of the environment;
  • Analysis of needs - stylistics, the desired result and the market of the area;
  • User and competitor analysis;
  • Multimedia and marketing specialist consultations;

We always try to consider your project and budget, therefore, we will offer the best option taking into account the purpose of the project (informational, advertising, new product presentation), the required time for animation and the realism of the quality textures.

💸 The service is exempt from VAT (21%) and an invoice is issued (upon the customer's request).

⬇️ Therefore, it is recommended to fill out the request form below and we will inform you.

⬇️ You can find the approximate production prices for the 3D animation of the product in the description below.

    Request form for 3D animation service:

    We usually set a price and respond to your inquiry within one business day.

    ℹ️ Service benefits and prices →

    It takes 1 to 5 weeks to make the product, depending on the complexity.

    3d animation - it is video and photo production based on the principle of technology surpasses traditional filming and photography opportunities. Interactive images used for advertising for employee training, customer education and new product development.

    ✅ 3D video is smart and detailed presentation of your product. The service or product is attractively presented and functional features and advantages are shown.

    3D product video animation is an eye-catching, informative and easy-to-understand material that can be used to:

    • For Interactive stands at trade fairs or shopping centers;
    • Increase the visibility of the product on the Internet - in social networks, video platforms, on the website;
    • Training of sales and service employees;
    • In product presentations;
    • Introducing the product or service to the customer with a 360 view;

    Product 3D animation can be a very attractive and effective form of product presentation. Here are some steps to create a 3D animation for a product launch:

    1. Set goals: Consider what goals you want to achieve when creating a 3D animation. It can be a visual presentation of the product, a demonstration of its features, or any other information you want to convey.
    2. Concept and script: Generate a concept and script how you want the product to be animated. Include key steps to convey the benefits or features of the product.
    3. Animation scenes and video stream: Create animation scenes and define how your product will move and demonstrate different functions or features. Plan every move and shot.
    4. Soundtrack: It is important to remember that the choice of sound also means a lot. Choose sound effects, background music or even the sound of the product itself if it makes sense.

    Creating quality 3D animation requires a lot of work and attention to detail, but it can be a very effective way to demonstrate a product to customers. The key is to carefully create clear and engaging content that showcases your product's benefits and features.

    You can read and find more useful information on our business blog LiJIA (Lithuanian Junior Idea Association).

    🏷️ Product 3D animation production prices

    Product visualization production (1 photo): from 80 to 320 euros;

    Additional product photos 5 euros per 1 piece.

    Additionally, creating an animation (video) with your product visualization:

    • 10 seconds - +70 euros;
    • 15 seconds - +100 euros;
    • 30 seconds - +180 euros;
    • 60 seconds - +300 euros;

    📅 Stages of creating a 3D animation of a product

    1. You place an order by specifying accurate information;
    2. We start the market, customer, competitor analysis and goal settings;
    3. Product visualization modeling;
    4. Delivery of the frame to the client;
    5. Product environment modeling;
    6. Editing of animation;
    7. Presentation of animation to the client;
    8. Corrections;
    9. Presentation of the animation after corrections to the client;
    10. The animation with the necessary files is sent to the customer;

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