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Website administration


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Website administration is a process that includes all the steps taken to maintain, manage and maintain a website. This includes maintenance, content management, design and user experience management, and SEO optimization. The goal is to ensure that the website is efficient, secure, attractive to visitors and highly visible in search engines.

3 administration plans are offered:

📅 1. Monthly plan – you pay a fixed fee at the end of each month. Price from 100 €. Every month I work on the website for 10 hours, improving it, correcting errors, performing the tasks you specified. You will receive an invoice every month. The number of hours is adjusted per month.
2. Hourly (most popular) plan - I charge my clients 15 euros/hour, that is, when they need, they send what needs to be changed, added, etc. I do the work and send an invoice at the end of the month with the number of hours worked. The maximum number of hours that can be worked per month is determined by the client, and the client is informed when that number of hours is reached. If you don't work that many hours, you don't need to pay for them (only for the hours worked). If nothing has been done during that month, the invoice will not be sent.
📆 3. Not an urgent plan - you send what needs to be done, we inform you how long it will take, if it is suitable - you confirm and we carry out the work. The hourly rate is also 15 euros. At the end of the month, we send an invoice with the work done that month, if nothing was done that month, we do not send an invoice.

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    Website administration is a process that encompasses all the activities performed to effectively maintain, manage and support a website. This includes a wide range of activities that ensure that the website functions properly, is secure, attractive and user-friendly for visitors.

    Site administration may include the following aspects:

    1. Maintenance: This includes managing the website's technical infrastructure, including server configuration, database management, security certificate installation and security measures. This ensures that the website is accessible, running smoothly and protected from security breaches.
    2. Content management: Effective content management is an important factor in the success of a website. This includes creating, editing and publishing content. Administration may also include keyword research and optimization so that the site is easily found by search engines. It is also important to ensure that the content is of high quality, relevant and adapted to the needs of visitors.
    3. Design and user experience management: Website design and user experience (UX) are important elements that influence visitor behavior and website performance. Administration may include improving design elements, optimizing page structure, ease of navigation, and page loading speed. The goal is to provide a convenient and pleasant user experience that will encourage longer visitor interaction time with the site and return visitors.
    4. SEO (search engine optimization): Website administration can include implementing and optimizing SEO strategies. This includes using the right keywords, proper link structure, optimizing meta descriptions and titles, optimizing page speed and mobility, and other steps aimed at improving your website's visibility in search results.
    5. Site analytics and statistics: Administration includes analysis of website activity using tools such as Google Analytics. This helps to understand visitor behavior, traffic sources, conversion rates and other factors that can be improved. Based on the analysis data, it is possible to make decisions and change the strategy for good results.

    Website administration is an ongoing process that requires constant maintenance and updates to ensure website efficiency and good results. This helps the website to be competitively strong, improve the visitor experience and achieve a high SEO score.

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    📅 Website administration stages

    1. You fill out the order form, indicating accurate information;
    2. The final price is determined and we inform you;
    3. If the price is satisfactory, you inform us and we conclude a service contract;
    4. You read the contract and if everything is fine you sign and send it back, if not - we fix it;
    5. We sign the contract and send it back to you;
    6. When you receive a contract with an e-signature, you then send your login details to your website;
    7. Free website audit;
    8. An audit is sent to you, what is recommended to be done on the website;
    9. Working;
    10. An invoice is sent at the end of the month.

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