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Representative website
Representative website
Representative website
Representative website
Representative website
Representative website
Representative website

Representative website


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The price of creating a representative website includes:

  • Hosting on a server;
  • Domain registration;
  • Fully optimized for search engines (SEO);
  • Adapted for mobile devices and tablets;
  • Photo gallery;
  • Request form;

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📌 You can upload the project description and more detailed information (Word or PDF) to the cart.

💰 Possibility to pay at the beginning, only a deposit (30%) and pay the remaining amount only after evaluating the final work.

💻 We build websites using the content management system WordPress.

💸 The service is not subject to VAT (21%). Contracts for the provision and receipt of services and an invoice are drawn up (at the customer's request).

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It will take up to 5 - 8 working days to make the product.

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Representative website - useful, because the further away, the more people and companies use the Internet to find the necessary information - it's convenient, efficient and fast. Having a website is becoming a trend, and most customers even expect and are assured that they will find the company or service they need online.

  1. Page design - the most relevant part for the client (YOU) is the image of the page (colors, use of photos, location of menu and text, fonts) There are several ways to have the desired design. It is best to order a professional website with a quality design. Such a thing costs money - but the design of the page will accordingly be in accordance with all your wishes and of extremely high quality. (and according to the latest design trends) Another way is to simply choose the design you like from the provided templates. (by arranging the information in the templates in an orderly manner, a reasonably good result can be achieved).
  2. Programming - the most expensive and invisible part of the Internet. This is the technical part of the page, thanks to which the page works, buttons are pressed, information can be found, photos can be inserted. Programming is done according to special requirements, rule sets and general provisions.
  3. Content Management System (CMS) - this is the part of the page that allows even those who do not know how to program or do not have IT knowledge to quickly and easily update their page (add information, upload new photos and perform other necessary tasks). We use WordPress content management system used by about 60% of the world's websites this year.
  4. www address (domain) - this is your website address where you will be reachable. For example:, in Lithuania this service is purchased from the registrar. All web addresses are constantly monitored and must be paid annually. Otherwise they will be removed and anyone else can buy them (competitors too). Addresses are purchased on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Server (hosting) is a web hosting service. To be accessible from anywhere in the world at any time, your website must be hosted on a dedicated super-fast computer that is always on and connected to the Internet. The servers are connected to extremely large and fast internet lines (even from several different providers for security reasons), the premises are constantly monitored by security and server specialists, monitored by video cameras, gas extinguishing systems. The air is humidified, filtered, cooled. And if the electricity goes out, the diesel generators will start. Everything to make your website always available.
  6. Functions, possibilities  - is the set of possibilities of a web page. Ability to create text pages, upload photos, write news, insert photo gallery, product catalog and all other services.

A representative website and a landing page are two different typologies of websites for different purposes:

  1. Representative website:
    – It is more than one page, usually consisting of several sections or pages, designed to reflect the company or organization's activities, services, products, about us, contacts, etc.
    - A representative website is often a comprehensive online image of a business or organization. It is usually intended for a general introduction to the business, providing broad information about the company, its history, services, employees, etc.
  2. Landing page:
    – This is a single page that is dedicated to a specific goal or campaign to drive visitors to a specific area of action, such as purchase, registration, subscription, etc.
    - A landing page is often targeted, created with a specific goal - to convert a visitor into a customer or to obtain another desired action (CTA - Call To Action).

The main differences between a representative website and a landing page:

  1. Purpose: A representative website is designed to provide general representation and information about a company or organization, while a landing page is designed to encourage a specific action (such as a sale).
  2. Scope: A representative website is usually a comprehensive online representation of a company or organization with many pages or sections, while a landing page is a single page that is often shorter and focused on a single goal.
  3. Content and design: A representative website often has more information, deeper navigation and a more complex design to reflect the company's identity. The landing page is simpler, with more clearly targeted content and design to encourage a specific action.

You can have a representative website as the main online representation of your business and create multiple landing pages to reach different target audiences or drive specific actions (such as sales, registrations, subscriptions) in separate marketing or advertising campaign contexts.

You can read more information on our blog: LiJIA

Steps in creating a website: From idea to start

Devolopment satges of a standard website

  1. We start the market, customer, competitor analysis and goal settings;
  2. Website domain order (if required);
  3. Website design coordination with the client;
  4. Website design development;
  5. Website design "trimming" and programming (when implementing a content management system);
  6. Hosting of website content;
  7. Website testing;
  8. Presentation of the website to the client;
  9. Launching a website;
  10. Training the client how to use the website;
  11. 3 month of free consultation about the use of the website;
  12. 1 year system maintenance to be available online;

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