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Creation of an electronic store
Online shop
Online shop
Online shop
Online shop
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Online shop

Online shop


Receive coins: 30.00

The price of creating an E-commerce site includes:

  • Hosting on a server;
  • Domain registration;
  • Fully optimized for search engines (SEO);
  • Adapted for mobile devices and tablets;
  • Photo gallery;
  • Request form;
  • FAQ (questions - answers);
  • Shopping Cart;
  • Product catalog;
  • Integration of bank transfer payments

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🔽 You can find additional E. commerce website options below

📌 You can upload the project description and more detailed information (Word or PDF) to the cart.

💰 Possibility to pay at the beginning, only a deposit (30%) and pay the remaining amount only after evaluating the final work.

💻 We build websites using the content management system WordPress.

📍 If you have a larger project, we recommend that you send an accurate description of the desired site, which we will evaluate and provide the most optimal offer.

💸 The service is not subject to VAT (21%). Contracts for the provision and receipt of services and an invoice are drawn up (at the customer's request).

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It takes 8 - 15 working days to create an e-commerce website.

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Pay in advance 30%

Due to the number of orders, the specialist would start processing your basket orders after 3 days.
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Nowadays, creating an e-commerce is becoming an integral part of business management. E-commerce is the buying and selling of various goods and services over the Internet. Simply put, E-commerce is electronic business.

Today, the development of an online business no longer requires huge investments, so selling goods and services through online stores is becoming more and more popular. All you need to start e-commerce is a working website. Since most online stores perform the same functions: catalogs, shopping carts, payment services, etc., it is important that the online store stands out from the rest with its design. The ability to create a unique website design is an important factor in the success of your online store.

✅ Creating an e-shop yra puikus būdas ne tik sumažinti internetinės rinkodaros išlaidas, bet ir padidinti klientų skaičių, tapti prieinamu bet kuriam vartotojui 24 valandas per parą, 7 dienas per savaitę, suteikti vartotojams naudingos informacijos apie jūsų verslą, didinti klientų lojalumą ir padidinti jų matomumą paieškos sistemose.

✅ You can track the number of purchases, customer visits to your E-commerce website, automatically generate e-mails. mail marketing, apply discounts, manage product quantities, print an automatically generated label, invoice, track monthly profit, link products, set a deposit.

Successful e-stores often stand out due to unique offers, valuable customer service, attractive design and great user experience. By combining several of these elements, you can create an email a store that will stand out from the rest and attract a circle of loyal customers.

The success of your e-store can be directly related to your unique value proposition, service, product range or the overall experience you create for your customers. So, try to find a unique way to stand out from the crowd and attract customers.

If you do not need the functionality of the e-shop, you can always choose representative website.

You can read more information on our blog: LiJIA

📅 Stages of creating an e-commerce website

  1. We start the market, customer, competitor analysis and goal settings;
  2. Website domain order (if required);
  3. Website design coordination with the client;
  4. Website design development;
  5. Website design "trimming" and programming (when implementing a content management system);
  6. Coordinates the content of the website with the client;
  7. Hosting of website content;
  8. Website testing;
  9. Presentation of the website to the client;
  10. Launching a website;
  11. Training the client how to use the website;
  12. 3 month of free consultation about the use of the website;
  13. 1 year system maintenance to be available online;

➕ Additional paid options

    • Payment connection: PayPal, Paysera, Gpay, Stripe (credit card payment (+29.99);
    • Product page variations (colors, size) – after choosing a variation, it is possible to change the price as well (the price depends on the quantity of products);
    • Product page order form – as shown above (the price depends on the quantity of products);
    • Newsletter (+29,99 €);
    • Deposit payment option – you can choose the amount or percentage yourself (+€14.99);
    • Ask about the product (form) (+19,99 €)
    • Notification to the client when item is available - when the stock of the product runs out, the possibility for the visitor to leave an email mail and when the product appears again, inform the visitor about the return of the product (+€9.99);
    • Search field (on the menu bar) (+14,99 €);
    • Delivery time box – the possibility to specify the delivery time for each product separately (+€14.99);
    • Show how much you save – What amount of money does the discount save the buyer (+9.99);
    • Pop up advertisement (+4,99 €)
    • Messenger / chatbox prijungimas – the button on the bottom right, thanks to which the buyer and seller will be able to communicate quickly and efficiently (+€14.99);
    • Wheel of Fortune - after entering your email mail, the wheel starts spinning and a chance to win a discount.

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Don't be afraid, we can help you fill out the form, call +370 660 12056 and we'll give you all the information you need about the form and fill it out together.👊

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