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Types and differences of websites

Types of websites - The internet is full of a variety of websites that reflect different needs, goals and user groups. Each type of website has its own unique features that allow it to effectively reach a specific audience. Here are some popular types of websites, their features and purposes.

Creation of an electronic store

Landing page website:

Landing page is an effective way to present information on one page. Websites are often used as business cards to present your products, business or services online, as they can provide a comprehensive image and information without having to navigate through many pages.

Landing page features:

  • A landing page website creates a unified user experience.
  • Information is presented in a hierarchical manner without adding multiple navigation points.
  • This is an effective way to encourage actions to fill out a form, call or text you.

Landing page price and terms:

  • Landing page website price from 250 euros.
  • Landing page creation deadline: 3-5 days.

Representative website

Representative website is often a comprehensive online image of a business or organization. It is usually intended for a general introduction to the business, providing broad information about the company, history, services and employees. Most representative websites consist of 3-5 pages: Home, services (or products), portfolio (or gallery), about us, contacts. The pages are intended to present information about the company's services, products, activities, history, goals, team and contacts.

Representative website features:

  • Detailed pages about the company's activities, services or products.
  • Websites that rank very well in Google searches.
  • Very flexible sites that don't make it difficult to add more information or new pages.

Price and terms of representative website:

  • The price of a representative website starts at 400 euros.
  • Deadline for creating a representative website: 5-8 days.

Portfolio website

Portfolio website intended for artists, creators or other professions who seek to showcase their creative work. The website allows customers to evaluate and choose the works of a specific developer. Most used pages: About me, services, portfolio (or gallery), contacts.

Portfolio website features:

  • A wealth of visual materials: photos, videos and project descriptions.
  • Creative design that reflects the creator's style.
  • Customer reviews and ratings.

Portfolio website price and terms:

  • The price of the portfolio website starts at 350 euros.
  • Deadline for creating a portfolio website: 4-7 days.

Blog websites

Blogs are one of the most popular forms of websites where individuals or organizations share information, advice, opinions or stories.

Blog website features:

  • Regular content update with new posts.
  • Possibility of commenting, interaction with readers.
  • Overview of various topics.

Pricing and terms for a blog website:

  • The price of a blog website starts at 350 euros.
  • Deadline for creating a blog site: 4-7 days.


Nowadays Creation of an electronic store becomes an integral part of business management. E-commerce is the buying and selling of various goods and services over the Internet. Simply put, E-commerce is electronic business. email creating a store is a great way not only to reduce online marketing costs, but also to increase the number of customers, become available to any user 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provide users with useful information about your business, increase customer loyalty and increase their visibility in search engines

Features of the e-shop:

  • A wide range of products.
  • Easy filtering.
  • Catalogs and categories of goods.
  • Personal accounts of customers.
  • Cart and checkout features.
  • Product descriptions, customer reviews and ratings.

E-shop price and terms:

  • The price of the e-shop website is from 600 euros.
  • E-shop website creation deadline: 8-15

News portals

Features of news portal sites:

  • Current news from various fields: politics, sports, culture.
  • Categorization of articles by topics.
  • Frequent content updates.

News portals price and terms:

  • The price of the news portal starts at 400 euros.
  • Deadline for creating the news portal: 5-8 days.

Donation websites

Donation sites are designed for different charities, campaigns or to encourage people to participate in charitable activities.

Donation website features:

  • Information about the charity's activities.
  • Ability to make donations directly through the website.
  • Social sharing and engaging distributor networks.

The price and terms of the donation website:

  • The price of the donation site is from 450 euros.
  • Donation website creation deadline: 5-8 days.

Types of websites which to choose?

Types of websites - each of these types of websites has its own importance and purpose of use to achieve with quality content and useful information tailored to a specific audience. A successful website attracts users, provides them with valuable content, and drives the desired action.

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