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Leaflet layout
Leaflet layout

Leaflet layout


You save: 20.00€

Receive coins: 3.50

✅ The layout price includes:

  • Analysis of needs - stylistics, the desired result and the market of the area;
  • User and competitor analysis;
  • Post-submission design corrections;
  • Graphic designer and marketing specialist consultations;
  • Preparation for the press;

We can also offer a printing company for an additional price (€4.99), the price includes:

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💡 Don't have an idea? No problem, in the order form below, provide the text and additional necessary information and taking into account your information we will come up with an idea and create a product.

📌 You can pin the text and photos of the brochure to the cart (Word, PDF, PNG, JPG or all with the help of the ZIP file format).

💸 The layout service is exempt from VAT (21%) and invoices are issued (upon the customer's request).

✍️ Please pay attention to grammar and punctuation errors when specifying the text, as we are not responsible for this! Possibility to correct errors in the order before the start of work.

ℹ️ Service benefits and prices →

It will take up to 2-3 days to make the product.

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Fill out the form to facilitate the creation process:


Due to the number of orders, the specialist would start processing your basket orders after 1 day.

✅ Leaflet layout is one of the most popular direct advertising formats in Lithuania. The name itself suggests that it is a folded print. The advantage of the brochure is that it contains a lot of advertising information that can be useful to your customers.

✅ Leaflet layout - such popularity today is determined by the unlimited possibilities of their style (design, shape, format, color combinations) and their wider use. Not only companies, but also private individuals are increasingly using it for their needs, so the demand for leaflets is constantly growing. These small format prints are an extremely practical communication tool, usually used as promotional or event software.

✅ Advertising is an integral part of society and almost every company or service provider cares about it and invests in it. One of the ways of advertising activities can be leaflets. First of all, it is a very effective and relatively inexpensive way, especially compared to other types of advertising. Second, this approach allows you to target your customer audience because it can be distributed exactly where business-oriented customers congregate. And most importantly, information about you reaches people instantly. When they receive the leaflet, they at least look at what it says so they don't have to guess whether the customer actually read it.

✅ Events are a place of mass gathering of people. Most of the time, the people who came to see them are already familiar with the program, so the leaflets distributed during the event must be accurate and provide only the most important information. Convenience is also important, and the small size of the flyer makes it an optimal choice. Usually, the duration of the event and the participants are described here. However, even when used as event software, flyers can be a great promotional tool. After all, people who come to the event will definitely look for the program, so your advertisement will not go unnoticed.

You can read more information on our blog: LiJIA - Lithuanian Junior Idea Association

🏷️ Approximate prices for printing the brochure

⬆️ Prices may change due to rising prices of materials, electricity and other influencing works. Also, for choosing the most suitable printing company for your product (basket) order.

A4 with two, one or Z folds. Final format – 9.9×21.0cm; sheet (unfolded A4) – 29.7×21.0 cm, price:
Quantity:Without VAT:With VAT:
20 units18,00 €21,78 €
50 units36,25 €43,61 €
100 units42,50 €51,43 €
200 units60,00 €72,60 €
300 units72,97 €88,29 €
400 units77,93 €94,30 €
500 units83,09 €100,53 €
600 units88,46 €107,04 €
700 units101,65 €122,99 €
800 units105,46 €127,61 €
900 units110,66 €133,89 €
1000 units115,90 €140,24 €
1500 units128,21 €155,13 €
A3 with one fold, final format (folded A4) – 21.0×29.7cm; sheet (unfolded A3) – 42.0×29.7 cm, price:
Quantity:Without VAT:With VAT:
20 units28,00 €33,88 €
50 units48,75 €58,99 €
100 units56,25 €68,06 €
200 units103,75 €125,53 €
300 units95,63 €115,71 €
400 units101,73 €123,10 €
500 units107,43 €129,98 €
600 units114,30 €138,30 €
700 units128,03 €154,92 €
800 units131,14 €158,68 €
900 units136,04 €164,60 €
1000 units139,33 €168,59 €
1500 units154,28 €186,67 €
A5 with one fold, final format (folded A6) – 10.5×14.8cm; sheet (unfolded A5) – 21×14.8 cm, price:
Quantity:Without VAT:With VAT:
20 units11,00 €13,31 €
50 units23,00 €27,83 €
100 units32,00 €38,72 €
200 units43,00 €52,03 €
300 units38,08 €46,08 €
400 units40,59 €49,11 €
500 units43,50 €52,63 €
600 units46,46 €56,21 €
700 units53,99 €65,33 €
800 units56,33 €68,16 €
900 units59,37 €71,84 €
1000 units62,39 €75,49 €
1500 units77,33 €93,56 €

📅 Layout stages

Brochure layout:
  1. You place an order by specifying accurate information;
  2. We start the market, customer, competitor analysis and goal settings;
  3. Design coordination with the client;
  4. Design development;
  5. Presentation of the design to the client;
  6. 3 corrections;
  7. Delivery of the design after corrections to the client;
  8. Preparation of the layout for the press;
  9. The model with the necessary files is sent to the customer;
Printing organization:
  1. Analysis of needs;
  2. The printing method that will most allow you to achieve the desired goal is determined;
  3. An option is offered;
  4. Finding a printing company, combining price and quality taking into account your product (whole basket);

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