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Data filling system

Data filling system


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✅ The data filling system includes:

  • Personal accounts;
  • Registration of new users;
  • The possibility to make the personal account active only after confirmation by the administrator;
  • Filling out forms that can be converted into PDF files and sent directly to the specified e-mail;
  • Create an opportunity for users to sign an electronic signature with their finger at the end of the forms;
  • Users could add or take photos when filling out reports;
  • Checking the forms, whether the information is entered correctly and whether all the fields of the form are filled in;
  • Showing errors if the information is incorrectly filled in and instructions on how to correct the error;

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💸 The service is exempt from VAT (21%) and an invoice is issued (upon the customer's request).


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    Data filling system – “Ability to be more efficient and exchange information more precisely should bring more reliability to supply chain operations and sumažinti užsakymų išlaidas.“ (A. Harrison, R.Van Hoek, H.Skipworth, 2018).

    ✅ The best way to simplify paper data exchange is electronic data exchange, which "enables standardized electronic document versions to replace paper document processes" (A. Harrison, R. Van Hoek, H. Skipworth, 2018).

    ✅ The most important thing in creating a data filling system is without making it complicated both sides. "A system is complex when it is difficult to determine its overall behavior even when almost all information about its components and their relationships is available" (A. Harrison, R. Van Hoek, H. Skipworth, 2018)

    ✅ Systems performs administrative work , it is checked whether all the fields are complete or whether there is a user identification and whether the data corresponds to the filling time. Also, the system ensures high-quality readability, so it is possible to replace process administration services in the filling.

    ✅ Knowing the customer's needs are necessary structural plan of the system, the main purpose of which quick to understand and easy to navigate.

    ✅ Design is a very important part of the system because with the help of design we can understand and accelerate the process of understanding. Therefore, "Equipment design should be multifunctional and not require special skills. Minimal effort, low tiring, convenient and efficient use." (V. Jaržemsksi, G. Jakubauskas, A. Mačiulis 2012). It is also important "that the main company's corporate style elements are repeated on the website - logo, dominant colors, illustrations, selected font. The overall image must correspond to the company's culture" (G. Ginkeviče, 2021).

    ✅ Taking into account that users can fill and save your reports and but extend old filling a plugin is used, thanks to which users can log into their day to supplement their reports from any device and every day. Finish filling out the document and click "Save" to add, the details are not deleted even after switching the site again. By pressing together "Send" all the data is sent to the specified e-mail address. paštą (ir saugomi sistemoje) , and the data fields are cleared and the report can be restarted.

    We also offer services: systems and website administration.

    Read more on our business blog LiJIA.

    🏷️ Prices of the document filling system

    1. Domain (if you don't have one): 0.99 - 9.99 euros / year;
    2. Hosting (if you don't have one): 9.99 euros/year;
    3. The prices for creating a document filling system vary greatly, as it depends on the complexity of the system, but usually the prices start from 199.99 euros;
    4. A complex system may require paid plugins, with prices from 30-60 euros per year (but we always try to do all the work with free plugins);

    📅 Development stages

    1. You send a request with accurate information;
    2. We evaluate and provide a price;
    3. You pay an advance of 30%;
    4. We find out the customer's requirements;
    5. We perform an analysis of the need for a personnel management system;
    6. We analyze systems with similar functionality;
    7. We perform an analysis of applicable technologies;
    8. We make a plan for the structures of the forms;
    9. Design coordination with the client;
    10. Design development;
    11. Delivery of the system to the client;
    12. Corrections;
    13. Showing the system after corrections to the client;
    14. Preparing the system for business;
    15. Training the client to use the system;
    16. 3 months solving the issues that have arisen;
    17. 1 year system maintenance to be available online;

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