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Portfolio website
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Representative website
Portfolio website

Portfolio website


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  • 2-3 puslapiai: Pradžia (apie save), Portfolio (galerija), kontaktai.
  • Hosting on a server;
  • Domain registration;
  • Fully optimized for search engines (SEO);
  • Adapted for mobile devices and tablets;
  • Photo gallery;

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💰 Possibility to pay at the beginning, only a deposit (30%) and pay the remaining amount only after evaluating the final work.

💻 We build websites using the content management system WordPress.

💸 The service is not subject to VAT (21%). Contracts for the provision and receipt of services and an invoice are drawn up (at the customer's request).

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It takes up to 3 - 5 working days to create a website.

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Portfolio website veikia kaip vizitinė kortelė, so if you are self-employed or have a small business, then a great choice at an affordable price.

Moving forward, more and more people and businesses are using the internet to find the information they need - it's convenient, efficient and fast. Having a website is becoming a trend and most customers even expect to find the right business or service online.

A portfolio site and representative sites may have some differences depending on their goals and purposes:

  1. Portfolio website:
    – A portfolio website is typically designed to showcase and present the work and projects of a developer, designer, artist or business professional.
    - This site is focused on allowing visitors to view and rate specific work or projects completed by an individual or company. These can be photographic works, design projects, programming examples or other creative works.
    - Portfolio sites are often more visual, with a heavy focus on graphics and photos to better showcase the skills and style of the developer or company.
  2. Representative website:
    - A representative website can be of a broader nature, intended to reflect all the company's activities, services, products and corporate identity.
    - It can include more information about the company, its history, team, customers, services and works. It can be a website with different sections, pages or sections.
    - Often, representative websites are more tailored to business needs, with various features such as a blog, customer reviews, contacts, etc.

The main differences between a portfolio website and a representative website:

  1. Focus type: A portfolio website focuses on individual works or projects, while a representative website reflects the company's activities, goods or services.
  2. Content type: A portfolio site's main content is showcased work, while a representative site can have various sections that present the company's activities, history, customer reviews, and other information.
  3. Visual emphasis: Portfolio sites are more visual, emphasizing graphic elements and works, while representational sites can be more versatile and informative, not limited to visual content.

Both types of websites can be very useful for their purposes, depending on what you want to showcase or achieve in the online world, whether it's your personal creative work or your company-wide activities and services.

For more information on the differences, see our article: LiJIA

📅 Profile online website development stages

  1. We start the market, customer, competitor analysis and goal settings;
  2. Website design coordination with the client;
  3. Website design development;
  4. Website domain order (if required);
  5. Website design "trimming" and programming (when implementing a content management system);
  6. Hosting of website content;
  7. Website testing;
  8. Presentation of the website to the client;
  9. Launching a website;
  10. Training the client how to use the website;
  11. 3 month of free consultation about the use of the website;
  12. 1 year system maintenance to be available online;

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