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SEO optimization

SEO optimization


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SEO optimization It is a technical, analytical and creative process designed to rank your website or e-shop higher in Google search results. Thanks to SEO optimization, you can get free traffic from high positions in search results for specific keywords.

Website optimization for SEO can be divided into two parts:

  • Internal SEO optimization;
  • External SEO optimization;

Internal SEO is one of the first and most important steps to a properly optimized website. If you want to optimize your website with internal SEO, you should know two things: whether the website has been properly technically optimized for search engines and whether the content of the website meets the requirements set by Google.

We perform technical SEO optimization, only for CMS WordPress sites.

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    SEO optimization takes 2-3 working days.
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    SEO optimization - why is it necessary?
    Hundreds of thousands of posts, pages and videos of different content are posted around the world every day. It is natural that information generated in such quantities starts to compete for readers' attention. Websites, email letters etc. are usually poorly optimized or not optimized at all. Poor SEO optimization means that such businesses rarely appear on the first page of Google searches.

    Did you know that the top 5 positions generate more than 70 percent of all traffic? So it's no wonder that more and more entrepreneurs and business owners want a website that is as search engine optimized as possible. In this way, your business not only becomes more visible to potential customers, but also receives more visitors.

    How does Google search work?
    Googlebot visits thousands of websites every day, "reads" their content and stores this information on Google's servers. When a visitor uses the Google search engine, Google displays the collected data in the search results. However, many people don't know that Google takes some time to index newly published text and visual content. Google search only shows indexed information.

    When visiting many websites, the Google robot takes into account more than 200 different parameters and criteria. Google evaluates whether a website is properly optimized according to the following parameters: it is assigned a position for a specific search (keyword). Correctly evaluating these parameters and optimizing your website is one of the most important tasks of an experienced SEO specialist. This will put your company ahead of the competition.

    Why use SEO optimization?
    To determine if your website needs SEO optimization, you only need to ask one simple question: Are your products and services being searched for online? If the answer is yes, then the website needs to be optimized. Of course, if there is no demand for a product or service in Google searches, SEO optimization probably just isn't worth it. You can always use it SEO article writing, which would generate website traffic and lead customers to visit the website from the article.

    Free website SEO check

    You can read more information about social media marketing on our business blog LiJIA.

    📅 Phases of work

    1. You place an order by specifying accurate information;
    2. We start evaluating the website;
    3. The customer receives a quote for the work;
    4. If the custumer is satisfied, then we charge for the service
    5. Work;
    6. Presentation of the design to the client;

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