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"Pindis" coins

You invest in the growth of "Growing idea" and we, in gratitude, invest in the growth of your business

What are "Pindis" coins?

  • "Pindis" coins are a cumulative discount that you can use to pay for services purchased on the "Growing idea" website.
  • 1 coin = 1 euro.
  • In order to receive coins, it is necessary to register in the "Jauna iideja" online store.
  • If you have "Pindis" coins, you will see how much you have accumulated and how much you can use in the order review step. 
  • If you have a "Growing idea" gift voucher, you can use it together with "Pindis" coins in one order.
Pindi coins

What is "PINDIS"?

„Pindis“ - a money tree that symbolizes good luck and positive energy and money. People associate this plant with strength, power and wealth. It is believed that the plant can help to achieve success in both personal and professional spheres.

Pindi coins

Using "Pindis" coins is simple:


Pindis coins

Choose the services you want

Add the services you like to your cart and proceed to checkout.


Pindi coins

Apply "Pindis" coins

During checkout, in the order section you will find a box where you can enter the number of coins you want to use.


Pindis coins

Get "Pindi" coins

After paying for the order, you will receive Pindji coins, depending on the final amount of the service order.

How can I get Pindis Coins?

You can get +3 coins when a friend/acquaintance registers and buys at least one service through your referral link. Also each service selection is worth coins, you will get coins after completing the order. Opportunity to visit LiJIA blog and share your opinion, experience or recommendations about the digital world and get 1 to 10 coins for it (the number of coins depends on the quality of the content). After collecting the required number of coins, you will reach a level with which you will receive a 20% discount on special products, exclusively for you.


If cases of fraud are detected (i.e. when the conditions of the shares are not observed), reserves the right to cancel the provided "Pindis" coins without a separate warning, unilaterally terminate service contracts and cancel registration in this online store. In such cases, has the right to demand compensation for the losses incurred.

You can pay for all seller's services with "Pindžios" coins. If you chose Partner goods while shopping in the online store, you will unfortunately not be able to organize printing or pay with "Pindžios" coins.

"Pindžios" coins are not refunded if the buyer returns a quality service not due to the fault of the service provider or manufacturer, but for reasons such as:

  • the size, color, shape of the service did not match, but it is the buyer's fault;
  • the quality of the service did not meet the buyer's expectations;
  • the buyer returns the service after using it and having already received the benefit.



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