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Different types of logos - which one is best for your business?

For start-up business owners, identifying the right type of logo is an important step towards entrepreneurship and marks the transition from idea to business implementation. Logos are laid out in a variety of ways.
Of course, you can feel a lot of pressure when thinking of the perfect logo, but we're here to help free your creativity, reduce stress by helping you choose from a variety of logo types, including:
  1. Word logo;
  2. Monogram logo;
  3. Visual logo;
  4. Combined logo;
  5. Emblem logo;
  6. Mascot logo;

What is a logo?

The word "logo" is often used as a term to define any emblem that a company has created to visually represent its brand.

However, there are two main categories of logo design:

  1. A logo consisting of only a font representing the company name or initials.
  2. Logo with text and symbol.

There are five main types of logos, divided into two main categories, each with its own unique strengths and design features. One style may suit you better than another, depending on a number of factors: the length of your company name, your industry, and your potential customers.

Let's take a closer look at each type of logo.

1. Word logos

The most classic form of logo is the word mark, also known as a logotype. And that's just the company name.Only the word processing depends on the company name. Businesses with short names usually opt for a word logo design. If the company name consists of two words, they can be stacked on top of each other to save space.In addition to symbols and illustrations, typography takes centre stage, and the stylised company name becomes a visual brand reference. Think of well-known examples such as „Google“ and „Coca-Cola“.Tačiau net ir be vaizdų, pasirenkant šriftus, spalvas, charakterio bruožus, tarpus ir formas, yra daug vietos meninei nuojautai.
Žodiniai logotipai

2. Monograms / letter logos

If your business name isn't short, try a monogrammed (or lettered) logo or a variation of the logo.
A monogram logo consists of one to four letters, usually the company's initials or first letter. It is used in place of the traditional symbol, making the corporate identity impressive.
Of course, the initials become the most important part of the logo. They should be legible and memorable in your design.
If you're new to the business, consider putting the full company name under the logo to increase brand awareness. This is a common tactic when brands are just starting out.
Think about „McDonald’s“ loud "M" or combined "C" „Chanel“ logotipe.
Monogramos / raidiniai logotipai

3. Visual logos

A brand logo is a clear image or symbol. A mark can be a graphic representation of an actual object (think „Apple“) or an abstract form.This type of logo does not include the company name, which is a big risk for a new company that wants to have its name visible. A brand logo is best suited to brands that are already recognisable.If you like the idea of a brand logo but aren't sure if it's the right choice, consider creating a logo with a combination of wordmark and symbols. The symbol can be used alone in some applications, such as profile pictures on social media or tags on websites.
Vaizdinis logotipas

4.Combined logos

A word mark or a mark with a symbol (often called a logo) forms a combined logo. This is the most popular type of logo design, partly because of its flexibility. You can use a single symbol if you need to (for example, in your profile pictures or on your favourite social networks) or just a word or letter.With a hyphenated symbol, the symbol can be placed next to, above, below or within the text. Sometimes it can even be a letter in the company name.However, a combination logo is a better choice for new businesses that need to increase their brand recognition. Finally, combination branding is a reliable way to create a logo that is adaptable to different media. Think about how large companies such as „Adidas“ and „Taco Bell“, naudoja šį formatą keliuose kanaluose.

5. Emblem logos

The emblem is one of the oldest forms of logos. Emblem logo elements consist of ancient text in a container (often a circle or other shape). Think badges, stamps or emblems. Logos are treated as a single image, not typography.

The emblem can radiate prestige or sophistication – often associated with brands with a long history. However, these types of logos are also less versatile, especially when used online. An emblem logo is often complex and can be difficult to resize for use on social media or business cards.

Because of their shape, emblem logos make great profile pictures on social networks. Their unique design makes them look great on anything from clothing to stickers.

Emblemų logotipai

6. Talisman logos

The mascot logo features an illustrated figure that acts as a brand ambassador. These types of logos are often fun and friendly and give the audience a personality to relate to and interact with.

You can often see mascot logos used in children's brands because of their appeal.

These logos are often used by service companies, food brands, and sports teams. However, we've recently seen a trend where more app brands and technologies are using cartoon characters to make their brands more human.

Talismanų logotipai


Your logo works both digitally and physically. That's why brands so often create a combined design (or monogram) so that both are ready for anything.
This practice has become especially popular in the age of social media, where the logo must be used across all digital channels. If you have a longer business name, it won't always work in a small space like a square profile photo; a monogram or font version can make your design more personal.
Whatever logo you choose, your design should leave an impression of your brand. If it stands out from similar businesses in the market, it will be easier to differentiate your product or service and gain recognition from your target audience.
Want to have a professional logo for your business? Visit us in the e-shop and create the logo you want now!
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