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📚 Training is done individually for everyone (no groups), because yes focuses on each person's specific problems or concerns about using the platform. Also, with this method, training can be adapted to different levels of users, from beginners to experienced users or business owners.

📚 The teacher has a bachelor's degree in informatics and a master's degree in marketing.

📌 Experience working with Wordpress websites: +5 years.

✅ Implemented +100 Wordpress projects.

💻 The meeting will be held remotely via the Google Meet platform. Or live in Kaunas (minimum meeting time 1.5 hours).

📅 Appointment of an individual time for a remote meeting.

🕐 Training time is calculated when we start and end the remote meeting. Minimum meeting time 1 hour.

💳 At the end of each month, you will receive an invoice with the total training time of that month, which you will have to pay within 10 working days. Until the invoice for the previous month is paid, further training cannot take place.

❗ The training is in Lithuanian languag only.

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    We usually review your request and respond to it within one business day.

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    WordPress training is aimed at both beginners and advanced users who want to learn how to create, edit and manage their own websites or e-mails. stores on this platform. WordPress is a popular website development platform used by millions of people around the world. 

    With WordPress training, you can acquire a variety of skills and knowledge depending on the level of training, topics and issues you face. Here are some things you can learn:

    WordPress Tutorials for Beginners:

    • Domain and website hosting: Learn what domain and website hosting are
    • Website development: Kaip sukurti tinklalapį nuo nulio.
    • Website Management: An Introduction to Creating, Adding, and Editing Content.
    • Choosing Themes: How to choose and apply the right design.
    • Installing and updating plugins: An overview of how to install and use and update various plugins.
    • Produktai: Kaip į El. parduotuvę susikelti produktus.

    Intermediate WordPress Training:

    • Site Extension: How to customize a site for different purposes (for example, creative works, e-commerce, etc.).
    • SEO: Understanding how to improve a website's search engine optimization.
    • Article writing: How to write an article accurately and post it according to SEO requirements
    • Data management: Management, editing and management in the database.
    • Website maintenance: How to keep your website up to date and secure for regular users.
    • Connection of analytical tools: Google analytics, Google Search Console and Facebook (Meta) Pixel.

    Advanced WordPress training:

    • Programming: An introduction to HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript for greater flexibility and extensibility.
    • Website speed optimization: Introductory understanding of website speed plugins, their features and usage.
    • Website hosting plans: Comprehensive explanation of website hosting plans, dedicated servers, etc.

    WordPress training for business:

    • El. Parduotuvės kūrimas: Kaip sukurti ir valdyti el. parduotuvę naudojant WordPress.
    • SEO strategijos: Strateginio turinio kūrimas, kad patobulintų svetainės matomumą paieškos sistemose.
    • Analysis and measurement: Understanding how to measure website performance and adjust strategy based on statistics.
    • Marketing tools: How to integrate various e-mails marketing tools to your WordPress site.

    These are just a few of the main topics that can be learned with WordPress training. The content of the training may vary depending on your needs.

    Read more on our business blog LiJIA.

    Free website optimization tools

    Website marketing

    📅 Training order stages

    1. You fill out the request;
    2. We review the request and agree on the date and time of the training;
    3. Remote meeting;
    4. At the end of the month, we issue an invoice for the total lesson time of that month and send it to your email. mail;
    5. You pay the sent invoice;

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