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SEO training

SEO training


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📚 The training is done individually for everyone (no groups), because it focuses on each person's specific problems or concerns about the use of SEO. Also, with this method, training can be adapted to different levels of users, from beginners to experienced users or business owners

💻We recommend this training for Wordpress website owners who want to learn the basics of SEO.

📚 The teacher has a bachelor's degree in informatics and a master's degree in marketing.

💻 The meeting will be held remotely via the Google Meet platform.

📅 An individual time for a remote meeting is agreed upon.

🕐 Training time is contractual.

💳 At the end of each month, you will receive an invoice with the total training time of that month, which you will have to pay within 10 working days. Until the invoice for the previous month is paid, further training cannot take place.

❗ The training is in Lithuanian languag only.

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    We usually review your request and respond to it within one business day.

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    SEO training is about learning how to optimize websites to be more visible on search engines like Google, Bing, and others. After the training you will learn:

    1. SEO Basics: You will learn how search engines such as Google work, how website rankings are determined, and what are the main factors that influence website positions.
    2. How to choose the right content strategy: Well-optimized websites usually have quality and meaningful content that meets the needs of their audience.
    3. Optimize your website: This includes technical SEO (such as fast page loading, mobile-friendliness, URL structure optimization), SEO-optimized headlines, use of search keywords, etc.
    4. Track your search results: Using SEO tools, monitor website traffic, keywords that generate traffic, and other indicators.
    5. You will distinguish between internal and external SEO: You will understand how to take advantage of internal and external SEO.
    6. You will know SEO tools:  You will also learn about SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush and others.
    7. And a lot of other information.

    Main SEO items include:

    • Keyword optimization: This includes using the right keywords in website content, headings, meta descriptions and other page elements to match users' search queries.
    • Technical SEO: This includes the technical side of the website, such as speed, mobile friendliness, URL structure, sitemaps, page indexing, etc.
    • Link building: It is important to have quality links from other websites, as they help to improve the authority and position of the website in search engines.
    • Quality and meaningful content: Keywords should be included naturally in content that is useful and informative to the audience.
    • Optimized user experience (UX) design: A website should be easy to use, with a beautiful design, fast loading time and easy navigation to improve the user experience.
    • Analysis and monitoring: Using various tools (eg Google Analytics, Google Search Console) it is important to monitor and analyze website traffic, traffic, keywords and other important indicators.

    It's also worth noting that SEO training is an ever-changing field as search algorithms are constantly evolving. Therefore, we try to constantly follow the latest developments and improve our knowledge and skills in this field.

    Read more on our business blog LiJIA.

    📅 Training order stages

    1. You fill out the request;
    2. We review the request and agree on the date and time of the training;
    3. Remote meeting;
    4. At the end of the month, we issue an invoice for the total lesson time of that month and send it to your email. mail;
    5. You pay the sent invoice;

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