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Updating an old WordPress site


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If you or your company has an old WordPress website, which hasn't been updated programmatically for several years, your site is no longer very secure. We can help you upgrade your existing WordPress site to make it faster, safer, easier to use and better optimized for Google and other search engines. All websites must be updated from time to time.

We can perform:

  • Design changes;
  • Improving data protection;
  • Increase site speed;
  • Create new products in your E-commerce;
  • Upgrade the standard website to E-commerce;
  • We can change the text;

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❗ We work only with WordPress websites.

💰 It is worth noting that if project completion time greater than 10 hours, paid first 30% deposit ir tada pradedami darbai, baigus darbus sumoka likusi suma.

💸 The service is not subject to VAT (21%). Contracts for the provision and receipt of services and an invoice are drawn up (at the customer's request).


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Regularly updating the site is safer:

Websites usually run on leased servers that are maintained and whose software is constantly updated. Usually, users of "hosting" services do not even notice this, because these services are constantly working to "patch" newly discovered security holes, so that the servers can use more modern hardware and software and be faster.

More convenient management:

New versions of WordPress, starting with 5.0, allow you to compose the content of each page or post from a number of ready-to-use blocks. It allows you to independently create much more attractive and informative pages than before using the usual one WYSIWYG teksto redaktorius.

Using the right design template makes it much easier to manage the content of your WordPress framework and avoid complicated plugins like the Visual Builder, as it is already included in the new WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Speed:

The authors of the WordPress framework and modules are constantly adding new features and improving the software to make it run faster. This is especially true if sites are still using PHP 5.6, so it's worth upgrading to newer versions of WordPress that take advantage of PHP 7.4's optimizations and security.

Compatibility with new WordPress modules:

If your site is running an older version of WordPress that is more than two years old, you will probably find that you can no longer install some new WordPress plugins on your site because they are designed for newer versions of WordPress and are simply incompatible with older versions.

It is important to remember that after using the website update service, you must not forget to continue to maintain the website and make updates. For this, we recommend using the service: "Maintenance of WordPress websites , because ensuring your WordPress site remains secure requires consistent maintenance of the underlying code and any plugins that may be in use.

Sometimes, after inspecting the website, we find that updating the old website is not very profitable and we recommend creating a new website.

For more information on the differences, see our article: LiJIA

📅 Stages of updating an old Wordpress website

  1. The customer fills out the form describing the tasks;
  2. We set the price and inform the client;
  3. If the client agrees, he sends the website login data;
  4. It is worth mentioning that if the cost of the project is higher than 100 euros, a 30% deposit is requested.
  5. We send signed documents back to the client about non-accumulation and non-disclosure of data from the client's website.
  6. Work is starting;
  7. The client can follow the work being done live;
  8. Upon completion of the work, the client is presented with an online version of the site changes;
  9. After confirmation, an invoice for the work is sent to the customer;
  10. Upon receipt of payment, instructions on how to change the website password are sent to the customer.

🤔 Help

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Don't be afraid, we can help you fill out the form, call +370 660 12056 and we'll give you all the information you need about the form and fill it out together.👊

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