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SEO article writing


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SEO article writing is the process of creating structured information to inform or inspire readers. This includes choosing a topic, researching, planning a structure, writing, editing and publishing. The goal is to provide clear, interesting and quality content.

✅ The price includes:

  • 800-1000 words;
  • Google keywords;
  • Finding a relevant topic;
  • Drawing up a plan;
  • SEO optimization for the article
  • editing and use of images;
  • Getting to know the client and understanding what information he lacks;
  • Integration into a WordPress website.

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    The article is written in 1-2 working days
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    SEO article writing is a process that involves presenting information, opinions or ideas in a structured and readable format. A good article should be clear, informative, well-supported and easy for the reader to understand. Here are some important steps to follow when writing an article:

    1. Choosing a theme: We will select topics that are relevant, interesting, educational and related to your business. Topics will be relevant to your readership and will meet your SEO goals.
    2. Research and information gathering: Before we write an article, we will research the topic, find reliable sources, and gather information and data to support your article. This may include books, journals, online sources.
    3. Planning the structure of the article: We will create an article structure that will help you organize your thoughts and present information to the reader. This can include an introduction, main topic sections, examples or arguments, and a conclusion. We also do not forget about readability, using punctuation marks, pictures or graphic elements to make the article easier to digest.
    4. Editing and corrections: After writing the article, we allocate enough time for you to edit and review it. Review the article from the reader's perspective and make sure it's clear, high-quality, and interesting.
    5. Publication or Submission to Distributors: We will publish the final version of the article on your blog. If you wish, you can also submit the article to other distributors or offer it to the press.

    It's important to remember that good SEO article writing is about constantly improving and adapting to the needs of your audience.

    SEO optimization - this is a technical, analytical and creative process for your website or e-mail. to rank the store higher in Google search results. Thanks to SEO optimization, you can get free traffic from high positions in search results for specific keywords. When visiting many websites, the Google robot takes into account more than 200 different parameters and criteria. Google evaluates whether a website is properly optimized according to the following parameters: it is assigned a position for a specific search (keyword).

    Read more on our business blog LiJIA.

    📅 Phases of work

    1. You fill out the order form with accurate information;
    2. We send the final price and deadlines;
    3. We draw up and sign a contract (if it is a long-term plan);
    4. You pay the full amount (in the case of a one-time plan) or in advance (in the case of a long-term plan);
    5. We start the market, customer, competitor analysis and goal settings;
    6. Presentation of topics and plan;
    7. Article Writing;
    8. Submitting the article to you;
    9. Corrections;
    10. Posting the article where you desire.

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