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Creating a slogan

Creating a slogan


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✅ Slogan - a phrase, word or expression that describes what an organisation does and what its business intentions are. A brand slogan should attract attention, enrich and strengthen the name and differentiate it from other competitors;

A slogan reflects a company's positioning or reputation message and is therefore indispensable for any self-respecting company;

At least 5 slogan options are available based on the nature of your business and your company's vision, mission and values;

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✅ Creating a slogan is a short description of your mission statement: it should Attract Your customers, encouraging them to become curious and willing to work with you. You can have the best website, the best product, even the best team... but if nobody knows about it, it will seem like it doesn't even exist.

That's why great slogans have trigger emotionsas well as tell the audience about working with you benefits - so that they want to work with you themselves.

The slogan is an important part of that process. It can be displayed On the side of your product boxes, next to the logo, on social media, in traditional advertisingat the end of videos, in articles, etc.

Creating a slogan can have many benefits for both a business and a brand or event campaign. Here are some benefits:

  1. Ease of delivery: A slogan can briefly and clearly convey the essence of a business, brand or campaign. This makes it easier to understand who you are and what message you want to convey.
  2. The power of recall: A well-crafted slogan can be memorable, helping a product or event stand out from other competitors.
  3. Audience engagement: A well-crafted slogan can attract attention and arouse the interest of the audience. This can make people want to know more about the business or product.
  4. Brand recognition: A slogan can become part of a brand, increasing market recognition and creating a common theme for advertising campaigns.
  5. Emotional connection: When a slogan captures the essence of a brand or event, it can evoke emotions and contribute to a stronger attachment to the business or product.
  6. Call to action: A tagline can be useful for encouraging your audience to take the desired action, such as buying a product, joining an event, or learning about a service.
  7. Communication concentration: This allows you to focus on the essential message without including redundant information and convey your message clearly and comprehensibly.

A slogan can be a powerful tool in positioning a brand or campaign in the market. It is a short, memorable and clear phrase that can have a great impact on the image and the audience. It is important to create a slogan that reflects your essence well and attracts the target audience.

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📅 Service stages

  1. You place an order by specifying accurate information;
  2. We start the market, customer, competitor analysis and goal settings;
  3. Thinking about how to create a slogan;
  4. Writing a short explanation for each slogan;
  5. Slogans are sent to the customer;

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