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Socialiniu tinklu administravimas

Administration of social networks


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✅ Social media management is a set of activities that includes managing, creating content and communicating with the audience on social networks of a company or organization. The goal is to build a strong online presence, engage with your audience, and achieve your goals.

💰 Price: Fixed fee of 60 euros + number of posts/stories on social networks per month.

Prices of posts/posts on social networks per month:
1 post / story – 15 euros;
2 posts / story - 30 euros;
3 posts / story - 40 euros;
4 posts / story - 50 euros;
5 posts / story - 58 euros;
6 posts / story - 65 euros;
7 posts / story - 70 euros;
8 posts / story - 75 euros;

Į price includes 1 post: Post layout, photo editing, writing text, planning posts, generating ideas, tracking statistics and publishing the post to other Facebook groups (up to 5 groups included, if more are required for an additional fee).

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    ℹ️ Service benefits and prices →

    Social media administration is a process that includes actions taken to manage, maintain and develop a company or organization's social media profiles and activities. It is an important activity to build a strong online presence, engage with your audience and achieve specific goals.

    This administration process may include the following steps:

    1. Profile management: This includes creating, updating and optimizing the company or organization's social networks. This may include filling out your profile description and information, using your logo and images, adding appropriate links to your website, and other elements that reflect your company or organization's identity.
    2. Content management: Effective content management is an important aspect of social media administration. This includes creative content planning, creating interesting and tailored posts, posting photos and videos, links to useful information, relevance and adaptability to different social media platforms.
    3. Managing communication with the audience: Social media management involves active communication with the audience. This means responding to comments, messages and feedback, creating dialogue, answering questions and engaging visitors in discussions. This helps you connect with your audience and encourages greater engagement.
    4. Campaign management: Social media administration can include campaign planning, implementation and monitoring. These can be advertising campaigns, contests, promotions or special events that encourage participation and visitor interaction. Administration may also include advertising refinement, analysis and performance tracking.
    5. Analysis and monitoring: Social media management involves analyzing and monitoring results. This includes using statistical and analytical tools to measure operational efficiency, visitor interaction, engagement and results. Based on this data, decisions can be made and strategy can be changed for good results.
    6. Creating layouts and texts: A uniform design layout for the social network is created, videos and other materials are also created using a uniform style. Writing texts that match your audience and the specifics of your business.
    7. Video editing and creation capabilities.
    8. Creating a plan: The audience and your goals are taken into account and social network plans are presented for a month ahead.
    9. Ability to combine social networks and website administration.

    It is important to understand that social media management is a dynamic process that requires constant maintenance and adaptation according to audience needs and changes in social media platforms. Only well-managed social networks can benefit businesses and organizations by engaging and vividly communicating with their audience.

    Read more on our business blog LiJIA.

    📅 Work stages:

    1. You fill out the order form, indicating accurate information;
    2. The final price is determined and we inform you;
    3. If the price is satisfactory, you inform us and we conclude a service contract;
    4. You read the contract and if everything is fine you sign and send it back, if not - we fix it;
    5. We sign and send the contract back to you;
    6. When you receive the contract with the e-signature, you then send your login details to your social networks;
    7. Free social media audits;
    8. An audit is sent to you, what is recommended to be done on the website;
    9. We make a plan;
    10. We are working on and adhering to the plan and objectives;
    11. An invoice is sent at the end of the month.

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