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Communication plan

Communication plan


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✅ A communication plan is designed to organise a company's, person's communication in the public space. A communication plan covers all communication activities, be it public relations, advertising, events or other marketing measures.

A communication plan consists of the messages to be communicated, the means of communication, the objectives, the cost and the projected reach.

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Communication plan - essential if you want to find your target customer in the vast world of information and advertising. To discover your target customer, we recommend analyses that help you identify what information your customer trusts and uses most. Nowadays, people search for information in a variety of ways, from traditional to digital search. Therefore, we recommend that you disseminate your advertising in the ways that are most likely to generate your target customer. Once you have found the right distribution method, the next problem is how to engage the customer and differentiate yourself from the competition by choosing the same distribution method. The answer is simple, creative ideas to promote your product or service.

✅ Finding the right time to launch your advertising company is very important, because your customers have problems that you can solve, you just need to know when your customers have those problems. This is helped by analyses, which also help to save money, as the customer is already visiting you to solve a problem, not to look at the goods or services you offer, which generates a higher return on investment.

A communication plan has various advantages and benefits in both business and personal contexts:

  1. Strategic directions and clarity of goals: A communication plan helps to clearly define communication goals, directions and priorities. This brings clarity to the entire communication strategy.
  2. Effective use of resources: With a clear communication plan, you can rationally use available resources, including budget, human resources and time, thereby maximizing efficiency.
  3. Audience orientation: A plan helps you better understand your audience – their needs, preferences and behaviors. This way you can adapt your communication strategy to fit your audience's expectations.
  4. Coherence of concerted actions and steps: A communication plan aligns different activities, tactics and strategies so that they work in a coordinated manner and deliver greater value.
  5. Clear results and accountability: Having a plan makes it easier to measure and evaluate your communication efforts, because the goals and indicators you set out allow you to clearly measure the results you've achieved.
  6. Team coordination: A communication plan allows the entire team or company personnel to understand the overall strategy and goals, improving cooperation and coordination.
  7. Adaptation and development: Periodically reviewing and improving your communication plan allows you to adapt to changing market conditions and trends so that your strategy is always effective.

A communication plan is a valuable tool that helps you organize and manage your communication efforts, ensuring that those efforts are directed toward clearly defined goals and produce the desired results. It helps to reach the audience more effectively, maintain a positive brand image and achieve business goals.

Read more on our business blog LiJIA.

📅 Service stages

  1. You place an order by specifying accurate information;
  2. We start the market, customer, competitor analysis and goal settings;
  3. We find the right social media channels for your business target audience;
  4. Identifying the traditional advertising tools that would benefit your business;
  5. Determining the most effective digital advertising methods for your business;
  6. Determining the most appropriate timing for advertising based on your activity and recommended ads;
  7. Benefit analysis of paid advertising for your business;
  8. Analysis of your website;
  9. Tips for your website, increasing engagement, communication with customers;
  10. Suggesting advertising ideas based on your business and our analyses;
  11. Calculating the approximate budget for the entire advertising campaign;

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