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TikTok, Instagram and Youtube reels


You save: 20.00€

Receive coins: 1.00

Footage will be ready: vertically (1080×1980), which is a format suitable for use on a TikTok account, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube reels.

The price of the work includes:

  • Video in high quality;
  • Transcription;
  • Soundtrack (if needed);
  • Special effects;
  • Embedded subtitles;

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❗ Video material must be sent shot vertically (1080×1980).

💡 Got an idea but no video content?

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📝 The possibility of cooperation and make monthly plans, where we would determine the number of video installs per month (by applying the discount). You can choose this option by filling out the order form below.

🎥 You are creating long content on YouTube and want to show the trailer/s of the most interesting places on social networks? Fill out the form below ("Send your question/project") with a description the length of the video, the number of desired trailers and the running time, and we will provide the final price. We respond within one working day.

📌 After ordering, we will send instructions to your e-mail on how to send/upload video material to us.

💸 The service is exempt from VAT (21%) and an invoice is issued (upon the customer's request).

ℹ️ Service benefits and prices →

Installation will take 1-2 days. depending on the length of the content.

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Fill out the form to facilitate the creation process:


Due to the number of orders, the specialist would start processing your basket orders after 1 day.

Editing reels - after the success of TikTok, many social networks also followed the same direction. Therefore, this format of video sharing is on the wave and social networks in competition with each other highly value and support such content.

Installation of "TikTok" reels is a social media platform, designed to create, share and discover short videos.

✅ Why micro or short videos for social media?

Did you know that repurposed micro videos are making their mark on Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube? Micro content is the new trend in social media. Not only is it easy to look at and interact with, but the search engine algorithm loves it. Leveraging content allows you to maximize the return on your content investment.

You must be familiar with Hormozi , Ryanpineda , Grant Cardone and Gary Vee videos and want a similar look and feel to what you want to give your new content or even change long content to short content. Amazing! You have come to the right place.

Users enjoy Enjoy your time on TikTok unique found content and feel safe expressing their content. All of this helps explain why TikTok is what it is popular. Users even evaluates more positively content from companies and brands on TikTok compared to other platforms.

✅ 2022 month of January. approximately 57 percent The number of TikTok users worldwide was female. In comparison, male users of the popular social video platform accounted for approx 43 percent of all users.

✅ „There are a lot of older people on TikTok. There are people who 50-60 years old and uses TikTok. only a matter of time when will the TikTok audience adapt to your audience demographics. Not only that, it's not bad to have and younger followers.

You can read and view more information about reels installation in our business blog LiJIA (Lithuanian Junior Idea Association).

📅 Work stages

  1. You place an order by specifying accurate information;
  2. We send information on how to share videos;
  3. After receiving the videos, we start the market, customer, competitor analysis and goal setting;
  4. We do the work;
  5. Delivery of completed work to the customer;
  6. Corrections;
  7. Delivery of the video after corrections to the client;
  8. Videos with the necessary files are sent to the customer;

🤔 Help

Don't understand how to fill out the form correctly? Or maybe it failed because it keeps throwing errors?

Don't be afraid, we can help you fill out the form, call +370 660 12056 and we'll give you all the information you need about the form and fill it out together.👊

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