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Certificate and diploma layout


Receive coins: 1.50

✅ The layout price includes:

  • Analysis of needs - stylistics, the desired result and the market of the area;
  • User and competitor analysis;
  • 3 corrections after submitting the design;
  • Graphic designer and marketing specialist consultations;
  • Preparation for the press;
  • PDF interactive, where you can change the name and surname and send electronically;

We can also offer a printing company for an additional price (€4.99), the price includes:

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💡 Don't have an idea? No problem, in the order form below, provide the text and additional necessary information and taking into account your information we will come up with an idea and perform the service.

💸 The layout service is exempt from VAT (21%) and invoices are issued (upon the customer's request).

✍️ Please pay attention to grammar and punctuation errors when specifying the text, as we are not responsible for this! Possibility to correct errors in the order before the start of work.

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✅ What the digital world has not yet made standard and it did not become more important than in print. You are planning an event, an award, a company party and do you want to reward or surprise your guests? Layout of a diploma or a word of thanks, a way to please, surprise and maybe even make guests laugh. A certificate of completion can be just as important as a diploma if you need to mark certain achievements of a company or activity.

What is the attitude and the image. Not necessarily a lot of different information, it is important to know how to present it. When evaluating work there is nothing better than a diploma, certificate or simply a thank you for your achievements.

Diploma layout is important because the diploma has benefits for both personal and professional life. Here are some of the key benefits of diplomas:

  1. Academic recognition and validation of skills: A diploma is an official certificate that you have completed a particular training program or course. It confirms your acquired knowledge and skills.
  2. Career opportunities: Most employers and various professional fields require or value diplomas. A diploma can be a decisive factor in the employment process and can help you compete in the labor market.
  3. Career growth and higher salary opportunities: Having proof that you're looking to expand your knowledge in a particular area often opens up more opportunities for a higher position, higher salary, or career advancement.
  4. Personal increase in satisfaction and self-confidence: After completing your studies and receiving a diploma, you experience the satisfaction of having achieved a goal and increase your confidence in yourself and your knowledge.
  5. Further education or specialization: A diploma can be a prerequisite for further studies.
  6. Greater opportunities to achieve personal goals: A degree can enable you to achieve personal goals such as greater self-expression, intellectual challenge and all-round personal growth.

A degree not only validates your performance, but can provide a number of benefits in both your personal and professional life, helping you to expand your opportunities and achieve your career goals.

You can read more information on our blog: LiJIA

🏷️ Approximate prices for printing a certificate/diploma

🔼 The price may change due to the rising prices of materials, electricity and other influencing works. Also, for choosing the most suitable printing company for your product (basket) order.

Size A4 (from 1-20 units)

From 0.30 euros to 8 euros, the order depends on the individual order and quantity

Size A5 (from 1-30 units)

From 0.30 euros to 8 euros, the order depends on the individual order and quantity

Size A4 (from 20 units)

Writing paper (140 gr.) - price of about 0.37 euros per unit;

Half carton (330 gr.) - price of about 0.42 euros per unit;

Size A5 (from 30 pcs.)

Writing paper (140 gr.) - price about 0.15 euros per unit;

Half carton (330 gr.) - price about 0.27 euros per unit;

📅 Layout stages

  1. You place an order by specifying accurate information;
  2. We start the market, customer, competitor analysis and goal settings;
  3. Design coordination with the client;
  4. Design development;
  5. Presentation of the design to the client;
  6. 3 corrections;
  7. Delivery of the design after corrections to the client;
  8. Preparation of the layout for the press;
  9. The model with the necessary files is sent to the customer;
Printing organization:
  1. Analysis of needs;
  2. The printing method that will most allow you to achieve the desired goal is determined;
  3. An option is offered;
  4. Finding a printing company, combining price and quality taking into account your product (whole basket);

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