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Mockups on clothes

Mockups on clothes


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You have a company Want to add more than just a logo to your workwear with a distinctive minimalist design? Or maybe bachelor or bachelorette party soon and you want to surprise the groom or the bride with an exclusive design with your inscription and photo? We don't forget and you want to surprise the groom or the bride with an exclusive design with your inscription and photo? We don't forget who needs an interesting gift, or maybe you want to surprise those around you?

We have an offer for you, mock-ups of the garments with your inscription, photo or image and the possibility to organise the production process.

The price of clothes layout includes:

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✅ We can also offer a printing company for an additional price (€4.99), the price includes:

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💡 Don't have an idea? No problem, in the order form below, provide the text and additional necessary information and taking into account your information we will come up with an idea and perform the service.

💸 The layout service is exempt from VAT (21%) and invoices are issued (upon the customer's request).

ℹ️ Service benefits and prices →

It takes up to 1 day to layout a product.

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Mockups on clothes covers a much wider range of creativity than just putting up a logo or a sign. We are talking about unconventional design solutions on clothing, both in terms of the range of colours and the amount of colour.

Creating mockups on clothes or apparel can bring many benefits both on a personal and business level:

  1. Individuality and uniqueness: Mockups allow you to create unique and exclusive designs on clothes that reflect your personality, style or brand.
  2. Brand promotion: In the case of a business, mockups on clothing can be a great way to promote your brand. This allows you to spread your brand and increase the visibility of your business.
  3. Creative expression: Designing on clothes is a creative process that allows you to express your creativity and design skills.
  4. Highlighting personal style: Help highlight your personal style and stand out from the crowd by choosing unique clothes with your layouts.
  5. Corporate events and team spirit: Many companies use mockups on clothes at their events or in internal communication to strengthen team spirit and identification with the company.
  6. Business Growth: In business, mockups on clothing can be used as part of a branding strategy to help attract customers and promote your brand.
  7. Development of new markets: Apparel design can be a valuable tool to attract new audiences and expand the market by drawing attention to original and distinctive designs.

Mockups on clothing can be a valuable way to express your creative aspirations, personal style or business branding, as well as attract attention, promote your brand and create unique clothing designs. Designing on clothes or apparel can be a creative and eye-catching way to add individuality and uniqueness to your outfit.

Read more on our business blog LiJIA.

🏷️ Approximate prices of clothing production

1. PRODUCT PRICE (Unit price)





6,50 – 9,50 €

7-10 €

6-9 €

Polo shirt

17-20 €

17-20 €

13 €

T-shirt Unisex

9-12 €

9-12 €

9 €

Sweaters without hood

18-20 €

23 €

15-17 €

Jumpers with a hood

21-23 €

21-23 €

19-21 €

Jumpers Unisex

18-23 €

18-23 €

15-18 €

Džemperiai su užtrauktuku

25-28 €

25-28 €

22-25 €


8-10 €

*the price is influenced by the material and quality of the clothes;


     PRINT IN A3 AND A3 INCOMPLETE FORMAT (<=29,7 x 42 cm): 11,00 €;
     PRINT + A4 FORMAT (=21 x 29,7 cm): 8.50 €;
     PRINT UP TO A4 FORMAT (<21 x 29,7 cm): 6,00 €;
     PRINT UP TO A6 FORMAT (<10,5 x 14,8 cm): 4,50 €;

📢 When buying larger quantities (from 15 pcs.) or more, printing companies usually apply 10 percent. discounts.

📅 Maketavimo + gamybos etapai

Maketavimo etapai:
  1. You place an order by specifying accurate information;
  2. Design coordination with the client;
  3. Design development;
  4. Presentation of the design to the client;
  5. 3 corrections;
  6. Delivery of the design after corrections to the client;
  7. Maketo paruošimas gamybai;
  8. The model with the necessary files is sent to the customer;
Gamybos organizavimas:
  1. Analysis of needs;
  2. Nustatomas gamybos būdas labiausiai leisiantis pasiekti norimą tikslą;
  3. An option is offered;
  4. Gamybos įmonės suradimas, derinant kainą ir kokybę atsižvelgdami į Jūsų produktą (visą krepšelį);

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