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Logo redrawing / corrections


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 The price of redraw/correction includes:

  • Analysis of needs - stylistics, the desired result and the market of the area;
  • Logo corrections;
  • The logo is prepared and delivered in all necessary formats (AI, EPS, JPG, PNG, PDF);
  • Graphic designer and marketing specialist consultations;
  • Preparation for the press;

💸 The service is exempt from VAT (21%) and an invoice is issued (upon the customer's request).


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    You have a found logo, but you don't know if you need a logo redrawing?

    You must understand that vector logo format is essential for your business. If you only have the default logo, you will have trouble printing it. Yes, there are exceptions where a vector logo format is not required. For example, you've just managed a Facebook page that needs a logo. In this case, you only need one logo size that you'll never need to change, so that's understandable. However, there is always a good chance that the logo will need to be used in other media, but with only a stock logo, you won't be able to scale it up. Still you can zoom in and out of vector logos without losing quality, use them however you want in print, web, etc.

    ✅ You can tell if a file is in vector format by looking at the edges of the image - the edges of a vector image will always remain intact, no matter how many times you zoom in on it. Text is one of the most popular vector files. Whatever however much you enlarge the text, its quality will remain the same.

    Logo redesigns or corrections can have many benefits for a business or brand if done carefully and wisely. Some of the advantages that you will get by using the logo redrawing service:

    • Modernization and renewal: Time passes and design trends change, so an updated logo can help your business or brand look modern and attract a new audience.
    • Identity: If a logo is adapted to new or improved design principles, it can strengthen your business or brand identity. Well-executed corrections can emphasize the uniqueness of a company and differentiate it from competitors.
    • More options to use: An improved or modernized logo can provide more options for its use, including versions in different formats and resolutions, which is important for marketing and advertising campaigns.
    • Printing: The updated logo can improve the print quality. This can be important when printing on different materials or large sizes, where design flaws can occur.
    • Adapting to new markets: Logo adjustments can help adapt it to new markets or internationalize it to be more understandable and acceptable in each geographic area.
    • Responding to business changes: If your business is going through changes, such as expanding into new areas or services, logo adjustments can help you reflect these changes and support business growth.
    • Ability to adapt to the times: In the business world, it is necessary to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. Logo tweaks can be one way to demonstrate your business's adaptability to new trends.

    However, it is important to remember that corrections or redrawing of the logo must be done responsibly in order to preserve the originality, uniqueness and most important features of the logo.

    You can read more information on our blog: LiJIA

    📅 Logo redraw/correction stages

    1. You send a request, specifying accurate information and uploading a photo of your logo;
    2. We evaluate the logo and send the job price with payment information;
    3. Your payment;
    4. Redrawing the logo to vector;
    5. Small corrections are possible (if necessary);
    6. Delivery of the design after corrections to the client (if necessary);
    7. The model with the necessary files is sent to the customer;

    🤔 Help

    Don't understand how to fill out the form correctly? Or maybe it failed because it keeps throwing errors?

    Don't be afraid, we can help you fill out the form, call +370 660 12056 and we'll give you all the information you need about the form and fill it out together.👊

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