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Gift Coupon
Gift Coupon

Gift voucher for services (25 euros)


Receive coins: 1.25

✅ The price of the coupon includes:

  • 25 euros for shopping on the website;
  • The gift voucher is cumulative with other discounts available on the website;
  • The gift voucher is sent to E-mail
  • The gift voucher is sent as a printable PDF file;
  • Gift Voucher design as shown in pictures;
  • Graphic designer, multimedia and marketing specialist consultations;
  • A code of your choice or placing a special code generated by us on the design;
  • The validity period of the gift coupon is 3 months;

We can do a special coupon design for an additional price (€14.99), the price includes:

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💸 The service is not subject to VAT (21 percent) tax (applicable to the printing service).

ℹ️ Service benefits and prices →

We send the coupon on the same working day. Layout of an individual design takes 1-2 days.

Fill out the form to facilitate the creation process:


We start preparing the gift voucher on the same working day.

Business gift voucher - a great solution for a person who loves his business or wants to have one.

New impressions or the fulfillment of the most secret desires - only a small part of what popular gift vouchers offer. A gift voucher allows you to purchase digital and traditional advertisements and website development in our store for a specific amount. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure that gift certificates will give entrepreneurs the freedom to choose and fulfill their dreams or goals. This idea will appeal to everyone who appreciates practical and modern solutions. Forget the gifts that are gathering dust on the shelves – thanks to the coupon, the businessman will be able to invest in his beloved activity and receive a profit in the future!

📅 Gift voucher layout stages

Layout of gift vouchers:
  1. You place an order by specifying accurate information;
  2. Design coordination with the client;
  3. Design development;
  4. Presentation of the design to the client;
  5. 3 corrections;
  6. Delivery of the design after corrections to the client;
  7. Preparation of the layout for the press;
  8. The model with the necessary files is sent to the customer;

🛍️ What can you buy for this amount?

The following services cost up to 25 euros on the "Jauna iideja" website:

  • Layouts of social media posts;
  • Poster layout;
  • Business card layout;
  • Ticket layout;
  • Gift coupon layout;
  • Certificate/diploma layout and printing;
  • Layout of banners;
  • Layout of event announcements for social networks;
  • Video editing services;
  • Creation of opening and closing videos;
  • Creation of animated social network stories;
  • Cover production for social networks;
  • Video editing of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube reels;
  • Layout of social media stories;
  • Preparation of product photos;
  • Layout of wedding invitations;
  • Social network carousel layout;
  • Layouts on clothes and organization of production;
  • Presentation creation

💡 We also offer gift voucher for 50 euros, for which the client would have a greater choice of services:

  • Not only layout, but also printing organization for all traditional services;
  • Communication plan;
  • Creating a slogan;
  • Data analysis before starting a business;
  • Content creation ideas plan;

🤔 Help

Don't understand how to fill out the form correctly? Or maybe it failed because it keeps throwing errors?

Don't be afraid, we can help you fill out the form, call +370 660 12056 and we'll give you all the information you need about the form and fill it out together.👊

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